Simple Home Repair Tasks to Spring Forward

Are you over winter and looking forward to spring? Grab your tool box and spring forward with these easy home repairs, that are sure to lift your spirits and get your house ready for spring.

Take inventory in each room, making note of what needs repairing or improving. Focus on quick-fixes, not major repairs. Here are some likely tasks to add to your to-do-list:

Door hinges that squeak. Remove squeaks by applying powdered graphite alongside the pin where the hinge turns. If the door sticks, smooth off a bit of the wood, then touch up the paint.

Creaky floor boards. They’ll stay quiet if you fasten them down better. Anti-squeak repair kits have specially designed screws that are easy to hide. A budget friendly alternative is to dust a little talcum powder into the seam where floorboards meet, the powder works as a lubricant to quiet boards.

Exhaust filter for the kitchen stove. By washing the filter often, it will increase the efficiency of your exhaust vent; plus, if a kitchen stovetop fire starts, this will help keep the flames from spreading.

Clothes dryer vent. Pull your dryer out and away from the wall, disconnect the vent pipe, and vacuum lint out of the pipe and where it connects to the dryer. Also, wipe lint off the outdoor dryer vent so the opening will close easily. Remember, dryer vents that are clogged are the leading cause of house fires.

Inspect drain hoses. Inspect clothes washer, icemaker and dishwasher. If you see cracks or drips, replace the hose to prevent your house from flooding.

Blistered paint on shower ceilings. This area generates a lot of heat and moisture that puts stress on paint finish. Scrape off paint and recoat, using a high-quality exterior-grade paint.  Be sure everyone in your household turns on the bathroom vents while showering, this will help keep moisture at bay.

Carbon monoxide and smoke detectors. If you find yourself waking up to the annoying chirp of your smoke detector, it’s time to change the batteries. Fire safety inspectors recommend replacing all batteries the same time each year.

Electrical cords. Inspect electrical cords for cracks and damaged plugs. Some cords may be easy to replace by purchasing a kit.  If you don’t feel comfort rewiring a lamp, take it to a local repair shop.

For more home improvement tips visit the House Logic website.

Charlotte Trone loves assisting buyers and sellers in the Greater Albuquerque Area. She welcomes the opportunity to help you realize your real estate dreams.